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We have created the world's only hybrid-state liquid-to-solid shear thickening advanced battery safety technology.


SAFIRE™ is a drop-in liquid-to-solid electrolyte additive for any Lithium-ion battery chemistry or form factor, that prevents fire and explosion during a crash or impact, and imparts ballistic protection against projectiles.


This additive is larger than the pore sizes within a battery electrode. As a result, the colloidal particles do not interact extensively with the electroactive surface. Furthermore, the passivation reactions derived from the reaction with the liquid electrolyte and electrodes remain the same. Due to this geometry, the SAFIRE™ cells have the same cycling performance as a standard lithium-ion battery.


The SAFIRE™ electrolyte is a liquid under normal operating conditions, allowing solvents to wet all the electrode surfaces and perform just like a traditional battery electrolyte. However, upon impact caused by explosion, blunt force, or some other mechanical impact event, SAFIRE technology causes the electrolyte to undergo an immediate and massive rheological shift to become a solid.

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