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Technical Professional

We are seeking several skilled Technical professionals at all experience levels. We are accepting applications from disciplines such as energy storage, materials processing, chemistry, materials science, and related disciplines. As a technical professional, you will focus research and engineering on the continued development of a new generation of hybrid state lithium-ion batteries utilizing the company’s proprietary phase change liquid electrolyte.


Knoxville, TN



What You’ll Do

  • Perform experiments, fabricate and test materials, and refine processes to optimize Li-on batteries

  • Construct batteries in a glove box and/or dry room environment, including materials synthesis and slurry processing

  • Ensure safe and reliable laboratory operations, including instrument repairs, troubleshooting, procurement, scheduling work, and design of experiments

  • Analyze data, including data reduction, processing and plotting of graphs

  • Participate in customer and sponsor briefings

  • Collaborate in the writing and submission of patent applications

  • Train new team members

Who You are

  • Experience or interest in a career related to battery cell research and/or manufacturing, with a background in diverse fields such as chemistry, energy storage, materials science, engineering, and related disciplines. We are accepting applications from degree candidates, as well as holders of bachelors, masters, and PhDs

  • Ability to function well in a fast-paced research environment, to set properties to accomplish multiple tasks within deadlines, and to adapt to ever changing needs

  • Basic knowledge of spreadsheets and graphic programs

  • Excellent communication skills, both oral and written

  • Commitment to ethical behavior and the highest environmental, safety, and quality standards

  • Potential to meet the requirements needed to obtain a security clearance if required

  • Location and/or re-location to the Knoxville, Tennessee area, as this role is not suitable for remote work, except for occasional periods to analyze data or write reports

  • (Preferred) Experience with organic chemicals (toxic and/or flammable) and their handling and storage, slurry processing, and battery cycling

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