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AMP and Safire Group To Develop New E-Bikes and Motorcycles Together

AMP and Safire Group Announce Strategic Alliance to Drive Innovation for Micro-Mobility

May 1, 2023
Los Angeles, CA

AMP, a technology company for energy management of electric mobility, and Safire Technology Group, Inc. a venture-backed company developing cutting-edge battery safety technology that helps prevent fires and improves performance has announced a new partnership that will bring together their expertise to deliver a battery management system for customers seeking increased safety and performance across micro-mobility fleets.

The partnership between AMP and Safire Group will allow both companies to leverage their strengths and collaborate on the development of new electric motorcycles and e-bikes. This collaboration will provide customers with customized solutions that combine Safire Group’s innovative battery safety and performance technology with AMP’s expertise in designing and implementing battery management systems.

“We are excited to partner with Safire Group to offer customers an enhanced sense of safety while utilizing micro-mobility vehicles,” said Anil Paryani, CEO of AMP. “Their innovation in battery pack safety will complement our expertise in integrated battery management solutions, allowing us to provide customers with comprehensive protection against impact.”

“Partnering with AMP will enable advancements in battery technology for safer, higher performing electric motorcycles and other mobility applications. AMP’s industry-leading battery management system technology is an important complement to the SAFIRE™ technology in achieving the mission of safer batteries for a safer world,” said John Lee, Co-Founder and CEO of Safire Group.

AMP and Safire Group will be developing vehicles that can sustain intense physical conditions while mitigating thermal runaway events. The partnership between AMP and Safire Group promises to be uniquely impactful in the rapidly evolving world of micro-mobility battery production. Both companies aim to leverage their respective expertise to deliver innovative solutions to customers.


With its perfect blend of software and hardware, AMP is revolutionizing electrification. Headquartered in Los Angeles, with offices in Detroit, Bengaluru, and Shanghai, AMP is a global leader in energy management solutions for e-mobility. Since 2017, AMP has advanced battery management technology, through industry-leading software and hardware. AMP continues to push mobility further from intelligent battery management platforms to robust fast-charging systems and complete cloud solutions for e-mobility.

To learn more, visit AMP at and follow on LinkedIn@amp-energy-management.


Safire Technology Group, Inc. (Safire Group) is a venture-backed company developing battery safety technology that prevents fire and explosion and improves performance. The company’s core technology, SAFe Impact Resistant Electrolyte (SAFIRE™), is the world’s first patented and proprietary drop-in additive for Lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries that prevents fire and explosion through an instantaneous liquid-to-solid transformation upon kinetic impacts, such as an electric vehicle or e-bike crashes. The additive provides a safe, easily integrated solution for EVs and other Li-ion-powered systems, resulting in increased safety, thermal stability, and higher performance.

For more information, visit and follow LinkedIn @safiregroup.

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